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Originally posted on April 19, 2021 @ 12:23 pm

Unlocking at level 15, Ship Refits provides a variety of visual cosmetics to help you personalize your ships and gain additional ship power.

Types of Refits

  • Ship Skins – applied to the ship itself
  • Projectiles – different animations for the projectiles of your ship
  • Refits can have different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic
  • Ship skins are designed for a specific ship, not all ships will have a Refit

Do Refits provide any buffs?

  • Ship skins do provide an additional bonus to your ship
  • Projectiles are only visual making your ships look sleek in combat
  • Buffs are permanently applied to your ship and cannot be switched ‘off’
  • Removing the ship skin will not affect the buff, it still applies to your ship

Ship Refit Skin List

Bonus to the ability of the ship against hostiles.
Infinitus+50% Nanoprobes from killing Borg Probes with the Vi'darVi’Dar
Opus Grande+250% bonus loot from Eclipse enemies for the StellaStella
TOS Bird of Prey Skin for AUGUR+70% to weapon damage against hostilesAugur
TOS D7 Skin for D4+70% to weapon damage against hostilesD4
TOS Enterprise Skin for USS ENTERPRISE+70% to weapon damage against hostilesUSS Enterprise
TOS Bird of Prey Skin for TRIBUNE+100% to weapon damage against hostilesTribune
TOS D7 skin for HEGH'TA+100% to weapon damage against hostilesHegh'ta
TOS Enterprise Skin for USS ENTERPRISE A+100% to weapon damage against hostilesUSS Enterprise A
USS Constellation Skin for ISS JELLYFISH+50% to the ISS Jellyfish’s ability against hostilesISS Jellyfish
USS TerrorIncreases damage against Swarm Armada Targets by 35,000% with the Franklin-AFranklin-A
Meridian RefitUnlocks a 3rd refinery batch (4 chests) for T1, T2, & T3 Isogen.Meridian
USS Hydra+200% mining rate of OreUSS Hydra
B’Chor+200% mining rate of GasB’Chor
Vorta Vor+200% mining rate of CrystalVorta Vor
Ship CloakingAllows a ship to cloak

Ship Refit Projectile List

Bonus to the ability of the ship against hostiles.
Fusion Beam-
Ionic Disruptors-
Photon Pulse-
Blue Bullets-
Green Beam-
Purple Torpedoes-
Plasma Blasts5% increase to your critical damage
Positron PhaserIncrease damage by 10%.
Refractive BeamIncrease accuracy, shield penetration, and armor penetration by 20%.

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