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What are Freebooters?

A Freebooter is a type of hostile that players encounter. These formidable adversaries pose significant challenges and require strategic planning and tactical acumen to defeat. But the Freebooter is not just another enemy to be vanquished; it’s a crucial part of the game that enhances the player’s experience, testing their skills and strategies. The Freebooter’s role in the game is multifaceted. It serves as a hurdle for players to overcome, a benchmark for measuring progress, and a source of valuable rewards when defeated.

The Ex-Borg Faction and Freebooter

STFC patch update 52 introduced the Ex-Borg Faction. This faction is unique in that players can progress by defeating Freebooter hostiles. The Ex-Borg Faction and Freebooter are intrinsically linked, with the Freebooter serving as a stepping stone for players to unlock and progress in the Ex-Borg Faction. To unlock this faction, players must complete the mission “We are People Too,” available for level 38+ players. Upon completion, players can progress through the Ex-Borg Faction by completing new daily goals and defeating Freebooter hostiles.

Commanders who earn their favor will unlock a new Faction Store and gain access to the Ex-Borg Research Tree. These features offer substantial efficiency perks, enhancing returns and speed in various gameplay activities, spanning different factions and ship loops.

What is the best crew for killing Freebooter Hostiles?

Crewing against Freebooter Hostiles is a strategic task that requires careful planning and a deep understanding of the game mechanics. Various crew setups can be effective against Freebooter Hostiles, each offering unique strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some players have found success with a setup that includes SNW Uhura (capt) with Khan, and Picard Bev. This setup leverages the unique abilities of these officers to maximize damage and survivability against Freebooter Hostiles. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Experimenting with different crew setups, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and adapting your strategy based on the situation is key to defeating Freebooter Hostiles.

Other crew setups good against Freebooters

  • Bev. Crusher(C), Tal, Georgou
  • 5 of 11 (cap), Georgiou, Tal
  • On enterprise, SNW Spock, Decius, Kirk
    Below deck focus on defense

Where do I find Freebooter Hostiles?

In order to unlock Freebooters, you have to complete the “We Are People” mission. This mission is only available to players who are level 38 and higher.

Freebooter can be found in the Benijat (38), Ch’urux Qorva (40), Jeghar (45), Zhessir (50), Chakavil (53), Xabul Bal (55), Toxotubelle (58), and Axo’Tae (60) system.

Freebooter Video

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