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Star Trek Fleet Command Officers are probably the most important part of the game. The right crew for the right task can overcome stronger ships or defend your station against overwhelming foes. This STFC officer guide will help you better understand the characters and various ways to use them.

The tables on this page are searchable and list out all officers in the game. Click on an officer name to go to that officers page and learn more about them. Click the plus icon to open up more information.The information will be constantly updated as updates come out.

(scroll down past the main officer table or use the table of content to see additional officer information.)

List of all Star Trek Fleet Command Officers

OfficerCaptain ManeuverOfficer AbilityGroupClassFactionRarity
Alexander Marcus (80% chance to inspire Morale when the opponent’s HHP is under 80%.)Shady Methods (At the star of the battle, Alexander Marcus increases the Shield Piercing of the ship by 100% of the Defense of the crew on the ship.)Section 31CommandFederationEpic
Ahvix Precision (+20% to Critical Hit Chance for the first three rounds against Eclipse hostiles.)Shield Remodulation (% chance to reduce Eclipse hostiles’s mitigation by 40%)Mudd’s CrewEngineeringNeutralRare
Airiam MinerCybernetic TacticianDiscovery CrewCommandFederationUncommon
Ash Tyler PositionThe Beast InsideDiscovery CrewEngineeringFederationRare
Beverly Crusher, Do No HarmUnshakeable Moral CodeTNG CrewScienceFederationRare
Captain Tilly EmpireEngineeringNeutralRare
Data PrecisionEffort Yields Its Own RewardsTNG CrewScienceFederationEpic
Elea Mäkinen MiningIsogen MiningSurveyors & MinersScienceFederationUncommon
Emperor Georgiou AttackBombardmentTerran EmpireCommandNeutralRare
Eurydice Quadrant TechnologyMudd’s CompanyEngineeringNeutralEpic
Gabriel Lorca ThinkingTerran EmpireScienceNeutralEpic
Geordi La Forge a Fusion ReactorThe Mind’s EyeTNG CrewEngineeringFederationEpic
Georgiou Fire FirstDeceptive WarfareDiscovery CrewCommandFederationEpic
Goon VeteranMilitary TrainingMudd’s CompanyScienceNeutralUncommon
Harcourt Fenton Mudd steps ahead823 ways to dieMudd’s CompanyScienceNeutralEpic
Hugh Culber from the BestDiscovery CrewScienceFederationUncommon
Jean-Luc Picard It SoEngageTNG CrewCommandFederationEpic
Michael Burnham CrewScienceFederationEpic
Next Gen Crusher Dancing DoctorNext GenScienceFederationCommon
Next Gen Data Measure of a ManPower PlayNext GenCommandFederationCommon
Next Gen La Forge PowerNext GenEngineeringFederationCommon
Next Gen Riker Riker ManeuverThe Riker LeanNext GenCommandFederationCommon
Next Gen Troi of the EnemyEmpathicNext GenScienceFederationCommon
Origins Burnham HelloRisk-TakerDiscovery OriginsCommandFederationUncommon
Origins Saru InstinctDiscovery OriginsScienceFederationCommon
Origins Stamets Time To WasteDiscovery OriginsEngineeringFederationCommon
Paul Stamets NavigatorSnarky GeniusDiscovery CrewEngineeringFederationRare
Raphaël DuPont III MinerHidden StashSurveyors & MinersEngineeringFederationRare
Ro Mudd AmbitionFatal CharmMudd’s CompanyCommandNeutralRare
Sesha on GuardIntimidationMudd’s CompanyScienceNeutralCommon
Tilly Power of MathHold Your Horses!Discovery CrewEngineeringFederationUncommon
Tiza BreachMirani TechnologyMudd’s CompanyCommandNeutralCommon
TOS Hikaru Sulu At HeartI’ll Protect You!TOS Enterprise CrewCommandFederationRare
TOS James T. Kirk StrategistIt’s all we have to go onTOS Enterprise CrewCommandFederationEpic
TOS Leonard McCoy’re Rescuing You!Just An Old Country DoctorTOS Enterprise CrewScienceFederationRare
TOS Montgomery Scott Garbage Scow!!She’ll launch on timeTOS Enterprise CrewEngineeringFederationRare
TOS Nyota Uhura, NeitherModulation Frequency FoundTOS Enterprise CrewEngineeringFederationRare
TOS Pavel Chekov GeniusSecurity PlansTOS Enterprise CrewCommandFederationRare
TOS Spock LongProsperTOS Enterprise CrewScienceFederationEpic
Two of Ten OptimizationExtraction ProtocolUnimatrix TwelveScienceNeutralRare
Wesley Crusher The Bough BreaksTraveler’s ScionTNG CrewEngineeringFederationRare
Arix Backlash (10% chance to cause Burning to the opponent after hitting it with an energy weapon.)Powered Armor (+ to Armor when the ship has less than 70% Hull Health)Section 31CommandFederationEpic
Arkady Ivanov Enthusiast (50% chance to inspire Morale for 3 rounds when the Shield is depleted)Shields Refactor (+ to the Shield Health of the Ship)Enterprise CrewCommandFederationUncommon
Azetbur is Obsolete (20% chance to cause a Hull Breach for 2 rounds after hitting with a kinetic weapon.)Contribution (+ To Armor Piercing every time the ship hits)Klingon PatriotsScienceKlingonRare
Barot Mining (+40% to Crystal Mining rate)Deceptive Weakness (-10% to the opponent’s Hull Health at the start of combat if attacked while mining)Surveyors & MinersScienceNeutralRare
Cadet Hikaru Sulu Shot (+5% to Damage for the first round)Fighting Spirit (+5% to the Attack of all the officers in the ship)Another TimeCommandFederationCommon
Cadet James T. Kirk (+8% to all Officer stats on the Bridge)Tactician (+ to Weapon Damage)Another TimeCommandFederationCommon
Cadet Leonard McCoy (+10% to Officers Health on the ship)Psychologist (+ to the effectiveness of the Captain Maneuver)Another TimeScienceFederationCommon
Cadet Montgomery Scott Ship (+10% to Hull Health)Warp Theory (+ Warp Distance)Another TimeEngineeringFederationCommon
Cadet Nyota Uhura the enemy (-10% to the opponent’s ship Weapon Damage)Negotiations (+ to Shield Health)Another TimeEngineeringFederationCommon
Carol Marcus Science (-40% To Opponent Damage when defending in battle)Weapons Expert (+ to Weapon Damage)Auxiliary ControlsScienceFederationEpic
Chang Havoc (+10% to Damage if the opponent’s Hull Health under 60%)Dogs of War (chance to delay opponent’s weapon fire for 1 round with a Critical Hit on a Hull Breach)Klingon PatriotsCommandKlingonRare
Christopher Pike Moments (+20% to the effectiveness of all bridge officer abilities)Advanced Training (+ to Ship XP earned with this ship)Shakedown CruiseCommandFederationEpic
D’jaoki of Endurance (+10% to the Officers Health for 1 min after winning)Shatter Defenses (– of the crew’s Health malus to the opponent’s Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge while Burning)Romulan PatriotsCommandRomulanUncommon
Decius (+10% to Accuracy and Armor Piercing and Shield Piercing against stronger ships)Honor Guard (+ to Damage each time the ship gets hit)Romulan PatriotsScienceRomulanRare
Domitia Miner (+40% to Dilithium mining rate)Hurry Home (+ to Warp speed when the Cargo is full)Surveyors & MinersScienceRomulanCommon
Eight of Ten the Collective (+10% to Critical Hit Chance against Borg ships)Cybernetic Enhancements (+ to the Attack of all Officers on the Ship)Unimatrix TwelveEngineeringNeutralUncommon
Five of Ten is irrelevant (200% of the crew’s Health bonus to Mitigation)You will be assimilated (+ to resources dropped by hostiles)Unimatrix TwelveEngineeringNeutralEpic
Four Of Ten Ore AcquisitionCargo Optimization AlgorithmsUnimatrix TwelveEngineeringNeutralEpic
Frank Leslie Damage Control (5% Restored to Hull Health when it is under 35%)Battleship Trainer (+ to Ship XP earned on Battleships)Shakedown CruiseEngineeringFederationUncommon
Gaila Hunter (+25% to Parsteel rewards from Hostiles)Critical Avoidance (– to Critical Damage from Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyEngineeringFederationCommon
Gary Mitchell Protector (+20% to all Officer Stats on Board when defending the station)Think or Sink (+ to Damage for one round when hit by a Critical Hit)Auxiliary ControlsCommandFederationEpic
Geoffrey Hadley Traveler (+15% Officer XP gained from combat)Survey Trainer (+ to Experience gained on Survey ships)Shakedown CruiseEngineeringFederationCommon
Gorkon Victory (+10% bonus to Critical Hit Chances for the first 2 Rounds)Creating Opportunities (chance to cause a Hull Breach for 3 Rounds when hitting with a Critical Hit)Klingon PatriotsCommandKlingonEpic
Grace Chen (+20% to the Dodge, Shield Deflection and Armor of the ship against Hostiles)Energy Absorber (– To energy damage dealt by enemy Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyScienceFederationUncommon
Harry Mudd Ultimate Con (When the ship takes damage from an Armada Target, Harry Mudd decreases the weapon damage of that Armada Target by 10% for this round.)Down but Never Out (When the ship’s Shield Health is depleted, Harry Mudd increases the Weapon Damage of the ship by 200% for the rest of the combat.)Mudd’s CompanyCommandRoguesEpic
Helvia Miner (+40% to Parsteel mining rate)Gold Rush (+ to Warp speed when the Cargo is empty)Surveyors & MinersCommandRomulanCommon
Hendorff Security (+20% to Dodge, Armor and Shield Deflection when Hull Health is below 60% of its Hull health at the start of the battle.)Explorer Trainer (+ to Ship XP on Explorers)Shakedown CruiseEngineeringFederationUncommon
Hikaru Sulu Not Test Me (40% chance to Inspire Morale after being hit by a critical hit)Ranking Fire (+ to Energy Damage when the ship has Morale)Enterprise CrewCommandFederationUncommon
Honorguard Worf of the EmpireRage of KhitomerKhitomer’s RevengeCommandKlingonEpic
Instructor Spock (+5% to Damage)Kobayashi Maru (+ to Dodge, Shield Deflection and Armor)Another TimeScienceFederationCommon
Jabilo M’Benga Through (+10% to Armor Piercing, Shield Piercing and Accuracy when defending the Station)Slip Through (+ to Dodge, Armor and Shield when defending the Station)Auxiliary ControlsScienceFederationCommon
James T. Kirk (40% to all Officer stats when the ship has Morale)Inspirational (chance to inspire Morale to his ship each round for 2 rounds)Enterprise CrewCommandFederationEpic
Javaid Fire (+20% to Shield Piercing)Reinforcements (+ to Armor if the ship is a Battleship)Nero’s CrewCommandRomulanUncommon
Jaylah Beats and Shouting!????EngineeringNeutralEpic
Joachim Tactician (50% chances to drastically increase the ship’s mitigation against a Station for the first round.)Unflinching Resolve (– to all opponent’s ships and defense platforms damage in Station Combat)Khan’s CrewScienceAugmentRare
Joaquin Protection (+50% to this ship’s Protected Cargo)Data Miner (+ to Corrupted and Decoded Data Mining Speed)Khan’s CrewCommandAugmentUncommon
John Harrison Designer (+20% to Damage against Explorers)Sabotage (% of the opponent’s Shield ignored for the first round of combat.)Section 31ScienceFederationRare
K’Bisch Miner (+40% to Tritanium mining rate)Defensive Mining (– to Damage taken when mining)Surveyors & MinersEngineeringKlingonCommon
Kang Master (80% chance to cause Hull Breach for 3 rounds at start of Combat)Blood Oath (% of the crew’s Attack bonus to Accuracy)Blood & HonorCommandKlingonEpic
Kati of Fire (+4% Critical Hit Chances against Defense Platforms)Enhanced Weaponry (+ Critical Hit Damage in Station Combat)Khan’s CrewScienceAugmentUncommon
Keenser Repairs (+20% to Hull Health as long as the ship is in the station.)Fine Tuning (+ to Shield Health as long as the ship is in the station.)Auxiliary ControlsEngineeringFederationRare
Kerla Maneuvers (+50% to Dodge when the Shields are depleted)Attack Maneuvers (+ to Critical Damage with Kinetic weapons)Klingon PatriotsEngineeringKlingonRare
Khan Noonien Singh Mastermind (50% chances to drastically reduce the opponent’s station and ships Mitigation for 2 rounds)Savage Tenacity (+1% to Critical Hit chances every time the ship gets hit)Khan’s CrewCommandAugmentEpic
Klaa Pursuit (+25% to Impulse Speed)Critical Strike (+ to Critical Hit Damage)Glory in the KillCommandKlingonUncommon
Komal Specialist (+20% to Weapon Damage of Battleships against players)Resist Kinetic (– to Kinetic Weapon Damage from enemy player’s ships)Glory in the KillEngineeringKlingonCommon
Koth Overseer (+20% to Repair speed on this ship if it is an Interceptor)Open Them Up (+ to Kinetic damage while the opponent has a Hull Breach)Klingon PatriotsEngineeringKlingonUncommon
Kras of War (-20% to opponent’s Captain’s Maneuver effectiveness)Know your Enemy (– To all the stats of the opponent’s Bridge Officers)Glory in the KillScienceKlingonEpic
Krell (30% chance of dealing Hull Breach for 1 round when receiving Shield HP damage)Federation Contacts (+ of the crew’s Defense bonus to Damage against Federation ships)Blood & HonorEngineeringKlingonRare
Kumak (+5% to all Officer Stats each round)Watch the World burn (+ To Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge when the opponent is Burning)Nero’s CrewCommandRomulanRare
Kuron Negotiations (50% chance to automatically recharge the first kinetic hit)Merciless Pursue (+ to Impulse Speed after destroying a ship.)Blood & HonorCommandKlingonRare
L’Nar Health (+20% to the Health of the Bridge Officers)Klingon Pursue (% of the crew’s attack bonus to Damage against Klingon ships)Romulan PatriotsEngineeringRomulanUncommon
Leonard McCoy’m a Doctor, not a … (+20% bonus to Officer Abilities during combat)Excellent Medicine (+ to the Defense of the Bridge Officers when hit)Enterprise CrewScienceFederationRare
Linkasa of the Klingon (10% to the Officers Defense for 1 min after winning)Defensive Tactics (% of the crew’s attack bonus to Armor)Blood & HonorEngineeringKlingonUncommon
Liviana Charvanek Tactician (80% chance to cause Burning for 3 rounds when Hull Health is lower than 80%)Mind Games (% of the crew’s Health bonus to Armor Piercing)Romulan PatriotsCommandRomulanEpic
Livis Repairs (+10% to Repair speed on this ship if it is a Battleship)Bolstered (+ to this ship’s max Hull Health if it is a Battleship)Nero’s CrewEngineeringRomulanRare
Lucia Gonzales Finder (+8% to Critical chance against Hostiles)Problem Solver (+ to Critical Hit Damage against Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyCommandFederationUncommon
M’Ral the Hunt (+20% to Armor Piercing)Strengthener (+ bonus to the Attack of the crew)Klingon PatriotsCommandKlingonUncommon
Mae Darwin Power (+10% to Weapon Damage when attacked by a player)Interceptor Trainer (+ to Ship XP earned on Interceptors)Shakedown CruiseEngineeringFederationCommon
Mara Analyst (+20% to Damage against Interceptors)Wife of a Dahar (– every round to opponent’s Dodge when it has a Hull Breach)Blood & HonorScienceKlingonRare
Marla McGivers Repeats Itself (+20% to this ship’s Repair Speed)Let Me Help You (+ to this ship’s Captain stats)Khan’s CrewEngineeringAugmentRare
Marlena Moreau Going (40% Shield Health healed after winning)No Fear (– to Hostiles Penetration.)Shakedown CruiseScienceFederationRare
Mirek Vengeance (20% chance to cause Burning for 1 round when the ship is hit)Acid bitterness (% of the crew’s defense bonus to Damage against Federation ships)Romulan PatriotsScienceRomulanRare
Montgomery Scott Worker (+10% to this ship’s repair speed)Born Engineer (+ to this ship’s Hull Health)Enterprise CrewEngineeringFederationUncommon
Navi Measures (At the start of each round, if the ship has a Hull Breach, Navi increases the Critical Hit damage bonus by 20% for this round.)Guardian Angel (At the start of each round, if the ship has a Hull Breach, Navi increases the Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge of the ship by 50% for this round.)Khan’s CrewScienceAugmentsRare
Nero In Vengeance (+40% to Damage when the enemy ship is Burning)See the Flaws (chance to cause Burning to the enemy when hitting it)Nero’s CrewEngineeringRomulanEpic
Nine of Ten Polarization (-10% to opponent Borg Critical Hit Chance)Adapt & Overcome (+ to the Defense of all Officers on the Ship)Unimatrix TwelveCommandNeutralUncommon
Nyota Uhura Frequencies Open (50% chance to delay opponent’s fire by 1 round when the Shield is depleted)Target That Signal (+ to this ship’s Accuracy)Enterprise CrewEngineeringFederationRare
Officer 0718 Knowledge (+4% to Critical Hit chances when defending the station)Computer Precision (+ to the Defense of all Officers on the ship)Auxiliary ControlsScienceFederationUncommon
One of Ten Shielding (+5% damage mitigated by the shields.)Bodyguard (+ to the Protected Cargo of the ship)Unimatrix TwelveCommandNeutralRare
Otto the Defenses (+20% damage to Defense Platforms)Brute Force (+ Attack to every Officer on the Bridge of the ship)Khan’s CrewEngineeringAugmentUncommon
Pan up to Speed (Pan increases the Impulse Speed of the ship by 20%.)Mistakes were made (At the start of each round, Pan has a 25% chance of applying a Hull Breach to his own ship for 3 rounds.)Khan’s CrewEngineeringAugmentsRare
Paul Zhou perspectives (+15% to Officer Defense on the bridge of the ship)Upper hand (add % of the crew’s Defense to Dodge, Armor and Shield Deflection while having Morale)Section 31CommandFederationUncommon
Qa’ug under Pressure (-35% to all the opponent Officer stats if the player’s ship receives a Hull Breach)Blood and Honor (+ to accuracy when the player’s ship receives a Hull Breach)Blood & HonorScienceKlingonUncommon
Rima’ll pay for that (At the start of each round, if the ship has a Hull Breach, Rima increases the Damage of the ship by 40% for this round.)Systems Critical (At the start of each round, if the ship has a Hull Breach, Rima adds 5% to Critical Hit Chances)Khan’s CrewCommandAugmentsRare
Rukor Specialist (+20% to Weapon Damage of Explorers against players)Energy Boost (+ to Energy Weapon Damage against other player ships)Glory in the KillCommandKlingonCommon
Seven of Ten is Futile (20% chance of adding 2 shots to each weapon when fighting Borg Tactical Probes)Strengthen the Unimatrix (+ to the Health of all Officers on the ship)Unimatrix TwelveScienceNeutralRare
Severus Fire (–10% to the opponent’s Hull Health each round if the player’s ship is Burning)Exploit Overheat (+ to Damage if the player’s ship is Burning)Romulan PatriotsEngineeringRomulanUncommon
Shev Akria Hunter (+25% to Tritanium rewards from Hostiles)Justice Dealer (+ to Energy damage against Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyEngineeringFederationCommon
Six Of Ten are the Borg (20% of Defense removed from opponent’s SHP when hitting the opponent)Defenses are irrelevant (% of Attack added to Penetration values when firing at Armada Targets)Unimatrix TwelveCommandNeutralEpic
Spock (+15% to the ship’s Accuracy at the start of each Round)Illogical (25% of total Officer Defense on the ship restored to the Shield when having Morale)Enterprise CrewScienceFederationRare
Stonn Miner (+40% to Ore mining rate)Pack Rat (+ to Cargo size)Surveyors & MinersEngineeringNeutralRare
T’Laan Scans (+15% more Ship XP from fighting hostiles)Objective Defense (– to Kinetic Damage dealt by enemy Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyScienceFederationCommon
T’Pring Miner (+40% to Gas mining rate)Hidden Stash (+ to Protection of the Cargo)Surveyors & MinersCommandNeutralRare
Tal Officer (+20% Damage against battleships)Resistance (– of the opponent’s Hull Health decrease each turn while it is Burning)Romulan PatriotsEngineeringRomulanRare
Ten of Ten Extraction (+50% to Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium Mining Speed)Tribble Mining Collective (+ to Mining Speed)Unimatrix TwelveEngineeringNeutralEpic
Vartoq Specialist (+20% to Weapon Damage of Interceptors against players)Kinetic Boost (+ to Kinetic Weapon Damage against other player’s ships)Glory in the KillCommandKlingonCommon
Vel K’Bentayr Hunter (+25% to Dilithium rewards from Hostiles)Chirurgical Precision (+ to Kinetic damage against Hostiles)Starfleet AcademyScienceFederationCommon
Vella (+10% Damage if the opponent is an Explorer)Sturdy Companion (+ to Health for all Officers on this ship)Nero’s CrewScienceRomulanUncommon
Vemet Tenacity (The ship can resurrect with 5% of the ship’s hull health)Feel the Heat (% of total Officer Health deducted from the Shield Health of a Burning ship each round)Nero’s CrewScienceRomulanRare
Vixis Communiques (6% chance to delay opponent’s Weapons each round for 1 round)Energy Absorption (– less Energy Damage from player enemies)Glory in the KillScienceKlingonUncommon
Woteln Field (+10% to Damage if the opponent is a Battleship)Interceptor Affinity (+ to Dodge when aboard an Interceptor)Klingon PatriotsScienceKlingonUncommon
Yan’agh Tactics (10% to damage after depleting the opponent’s Shield Health)Wolf among the ships (% of the crew’s Health bonus in Damage against Romulan ships)Blood & HonorEngineeringKlingonUncommon
Yuki Sulu Field (-10% to the Shield Health of the opponent’s ship each round)Romulan Grudge (% of the crew’s Health bonus to Damage against Romulans)Section 31EngineeringFederationRare
Zahra Expert (+10% to ship Hull Health when defending the Station)Home Engineer (+ to Damage dealt when defending the Station)Auxiliary ControlsEngineeringFederationCommon

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Factions

There are currently five different officer factions and a neutral group within STFC.

Augment Faction Officers

Augment officers are great for base raiding and attacking player stations. The focal point of their abilities are to mitigate the attack of any station or ships defending it.

  • Rima
  • Pan
  • Navi
  • Otto
  • Marla McGivers
  • Kati
  • Joachim
  • Joaquin
  • Khan Noonien Singh

Federation Faction Officers

Federation officers are primarily focused on defense or endurance. The focal point of their abilities are to outlast their opponent and mitigate their attack.

They generally do best in explorer ships.

  • James T. Kirk
  • John Harrison
  • Keenser
  • Leonard McCoy
  • Lucia Gonzales
  • Mae Darwin
  • Marlena Moreau
  • Montgomery Scott
  • Nyota Uhura
  • Officer 0718
  • Paul Zhou
  • Shev Akria
  • Spock
  • T’Laan
  • Vel K’Bentayr
  • Yuki Sulu
  • Zahra

Klingon officers are primarily focused on attack and increased weapons damage. The focal point of their abilities are to end the fight as fast as possible.

They generally are best for interceptor ships.

  • Azetbur
  • Chang
  • Gorkon
  • K’Bisch
  • Kang
  • Kerla
  • Klaa
  • Komal
  • Koth
  • Kras
  • Krell
  • Kuron
  • Linkasa
  • M’Ral
  • Mara
  • Qa’ug
  • Rukor
  • Vartoq
  • Vixis
  • Woteln
  • Yan’agh

Neutral faction officers are generally made up of miners and former Borg captures that have been unassimilated.

  • Barot
  • Eight of Ten
  • Five of Ten
  • Nine of Ten
  • One of Ten
  • Seven of Ten
  • Six Of Ten
  • Stonn
  • T’Pring
  • Ten of Ten

Currently the only Rouge faction officer is Harry Mudd. Not much is known about this faction group. More officers will probably be added in future updates.

  • Harry Mudd

Romulan officers are primarily focused on health and a combination of defense and offense. Their primary focus is the bolstering of battleships and decreasing the defensive ability of an opponent’s ship.

They generally do best in battleships.

  • Arix
  • D’jaoki
  • Decius
  • Domitia
  • Helvia
  • Javaid
  • Kumak
  • L’Nar
  • Liviana
  • Livis
  • Mirek
  • Nero
  • Severus
  • Tal
  • Vella
  • Vemet

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Synergy

Understanding crew synergy can help give you a strong edge when planning out your ships crew. It doesn’t mean that a crew with synergy bonus will always be better. But it is definitely something you need to understand and take into consideration

What is crew synergy?

Synergy is a bonus that can occur amongst the bridge officers when they are from the same group. It provides a varying bonus to the bridge crew members and can greatly increase their captain or officer abilities. It can be maximized by having bridge officers from the same group and complimentary classes.

Maximum BoostCaptain has two different officer types placed next to them that do not match their own type (e.g. Science – Command – Engineer)
Medium BoostCaptain has two officers of the same type next to them that do not match their own type (e.g. Science – Command – Science)
Minimal BoostCaptain has two officers of the same type next to them and also match their own type (e.g. Command – Command – Command)

Star Trek Fleet Command Officers Partial Crew Synergy

Crew Synergy is not maxed.

Star Trek Fleet Command Officers Max Crew Synergy

Max Crew Synergy.

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Groups

There are currently 15 different officer groups in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Star Trek Fleet Command Best Crew Setups

When placing officers on a ship, in most cases they tend to complement ships where the primary offensive or defensive focus are aligned. E.g. Uhura boosts accuracy, which is the primary offensive attribute of the Explorer class ships.

Below are some of the best crew combinations for different situations. Keep in mind no one group is always best. Since officer level and research upgrades play a factor.

Star Trek Fleet Command Best Crew for Swarm

T’LaanCadet UhuraInstructor Spock
My personal favorite crew for Swarm.

If you have leveled up Pike. Then this crew combo can do better.

Star Trek Fleet Command Best Crew for Vidar/Borg

For low level Borg or when you don’t have Pike.


For higher level Borg where battles last longer.

Moral Crew / Forever Shield

Keep in mind. Shield piercing is why the ship would continue to receive hull damage despite the shield health being at 100%.

PVP or High Level Hostiles

The below crew setup is with PvP or long lasting battles in mind. Not necessarily best for hostile grinding.

Best Base Cracking Crew

KhanJoachimMarla McGivers
Use an Interceptor or Battleship.


If you don’t have Khan yet. Use this setup. Best for Interceptor or Battleship.

Best Crew for Interceptor

Swap in Wotlen for Harrsion if you don’t have the former.

Best Crew for Battleship

*Swap in Arix for Harrsion if you don’t have the former.

Best Crew for Explorer


Best General PvP Crew

Kras / Klaa / plus any of the following (Vixis, Komal, Rukor, Vartoq)

Best Crew for Hostile Grinding

Gonzales / Moreau / Gaila

Crews for Mining Resources

The following officers each have unique mining abilities and you want to utilize them based on different mining situations.

Such as mining in hostile systems where there is a good chance of getting blown up and you need a sturdy ship or one with lots of protected cargo. Versus peaceful mining where you can focus more on maximizing your cargo hold.

Mining Gas

  • Tpring (C), 10 of 10, and Stonn

Mining Ore

  • Stonn (C), Tpring, and 10 of 10 on a Horizon (13k per hr) 43k protected

Mining Crystal

  • Barot (C), Tpring, and 10 of 10 on a Horizon (13k per hr) 43k protected

Mining Data

  • Joachin (C), Tpring, and 10 of 10