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“Rule of Acquisition 18: a Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all.”

A pair of Ferengi brothers appear at your station, requesting assistance in dealing with a shady black market network that has been putting more “legitimate” companies out of business. As you begin to follow some tenuous leads, you find yourself reaching dead ends at every turn.

With the network apparently two steps ahead of you at all times, you’re going to need a plan to outsmart them. But will this ominous organization fall into your trap, or are you fighting a battle that may already be lost?

The Rules of Acquisition Arc kicks off with the introduction of the new D’Vor Feesha ship: an upgraded Ferengi D’Vor specially engineered to mine Concentrated Latinum and maximize profits. Three new officers arrive, including the beloved Quark, alongside the new and unique Drydock G that will allow you to command one additional ship. Lastly, a new Prime Node focused on improving station combat.

“You’re playing with fire right now, and pouring gasoline over everyone you talk to.”

The Rules of Acquisition Arc Missions

The Rules of Acquisition Arc Video

The Rules of Acquisition Arc