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Vi’dar Interceptor Ship

Created in shadow and filled with its creators’ lust for vengeance, the Vi’dar was to be the ultimate weapon of Romulus. Desperate for some defense against the Borg threat, the Romulans fitted their already powerful disruptor weaponry with Borg technology. These tremendous new weapons can tear through even the most durable hull lining, but their real strength lies against a most curious foe: the Borg themselves. The Romulan scientists working on the Vi’dar managed to create a disruptor system with a constantly shifting frequency, making it impossible for Borg ships to adapt their shielding. With a full-scale Borg invasion all but inevitable, the galaxy may very well place their last hopes in this unlikely ally. A ship born of Borg, destined to destroy them.

Ship Skin Available for Vi’dar

  • Infinitus
    +50% Nanoprobes from killing Borg Probes with the Vi’dar