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An ancient Klingon ship, revered as holy by the Klingon Empire. The Sarcophagus Battleship is seen as a symbol of all that the Klingons hold dear: brutal power, honor through battle, and an unwavering tenacity.

Now in the possession of House T’Kuvma, it is seen as the ship that will lead the Klingons to ultimate victory against those that threaten their empire.

Best Crews for the Sarcophagus

PVP and Takeover

Captain: Kuron
Officer: John Harrison
Officer: Harry Mudd

By having Kuron reload the kinetic shots. The Sarcophagus damage is massively increased.

Harrison will help bypass a lot of the shields on the first round.

Officer Mudd gives you a chance to double the shots for the first round.

Crew for below deck: Focus on balance.

Captain: Gorkon
Officer: Kerla
Officer: Liviana Charvanek

This crew layout focuses on many shots to hopefully do some bonus critical hits.

Crew for below deck: Focus on health.

Captain: Five of Ten
Officer: Seven of Ten
Officer: Nine of Ten

This crew combination favors survivability over all out damage.

Crew for below deck: Focus on health.

Star Trek Fleet Command Sarcophagus

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