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Our guide to Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Badges, what they are, how to get them, and which officers you should use them on.

What officer badges are available in Star Trek Fleet Command?

You can get Command, Science, and Engineering badges within Star Trek Fleet Command. They are needed for promoting many officers above a certain rank.

Most players will only ever acquire a handful of these. So they should be utilized thoughtfully.

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Badges

How do you get officer badges in Star Trek Fleet Command?

These badges are found in the Faction Loyalty Pack II (one time purchase at Consort level), sometimes in the reward chest from winning a rare or epic armada and, as the inventory description states, “earned by defeating roaming ships and participating in Events”.

I’ve never seen any proof of these badges dropping from defeating roaming ships. So don’t count on hostile grinding in order to acquire them.

Players could also purchase officer badges from the in game store.

How should you spend your officer badges in Star Trek Fleet Command?

The fantastic Rev Deuce did a video on how he prioritizes which officers to use badges on.

In the video he lists three tiers of prioritization. I have included the amount and type of officer badge needed to max out the officer.

Tier I

 Badges Required to Max Out Officer
Spock3 Science Badges
Khan7 Command Badges
Kerla3 Engineering Badges

Tier II

 Badges Required to Max Out Officer
Zhou1 Command Badge
Kirk7 Command Badges
Decius3 Science Badges
Bones3 Science Badges
Stonn3 Engineering Badges
Nero7 Engineering Badges
Gorkon7 Command Badges

Tier III

 Badges Required to Max Out Officer
L’Nar1 Engineering Badge
Yuki3 Engineering Badges
Yan’agh1 Engineering Badge
Woteln1 Science Badge
Carol7 Science Badges
Vemet3 Science Badges
Kumak3 Command Badges
Charvanek7 Command Badges
Marcus7 Command Badges
Krell3 Engineering Badges
Seven of Ten7 Science Badges
D’jaoki1 Command Badge