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They say that the Romulans prefer to wait for their enemy to make the first move; nowhere can this philosophy be seen more clearly than in the design of the newest addition to the Romulan fleet, the Corvus.

With the Corvus, one can bide their time and lull their enemy into a false sense of security. While her enemy is firing, the Corvus is calibrating their weaknesses. The Corvus may never initiate the fight, but she will almost always finish it.

Corvus Requirments

Shipyard: 53
Romulan Reputation: Respected

Corvus Build Info

Max Tiers: 12
Max Levels: 60

Can Scrap? No

Resources to Max Out a Corvus

  • Tritanium 752 Trillion
  • Dilithium 19 Trillion
  • 5★ Common Explorer Parts 7.44M
  • 5★ Uncommon Explorer Parts 4.36M
  • 5★ Rare Explorer Parts 344K
  • 5★ Common Refined Ore 962K
  • 5★ Uncommon Refined Ore 356K
  • 5★ Rare Refined Ore 143K
  • 5★ Epic Refined Ore 44,700
  • 5★ Common Refined Gas 5.77M
  • 5★ Uncommon Refined Gas 2.1M
  • 5★ Rare Refined Gas 903K
  • 5★ Epic Refined Gas 264K

Total Experience: ???

Corvus Video