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Engineering Officers

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A list of Engineering Officers from Star Trek Fleet Command. Click on an officer to learn more.

OfficerFactionGroupRarityCaptain ManeuverOfficer Ability
Cadet Montgomery ScottFederationAnother TimeCommonSturdy ShipWarp Theory
Cadet Nyota UhuraFederationAnother TimeCommon
Officer AhvixNeutral Mudd's CompanyRare
Officer Ash Tyler
Officer Captain Tilly
Officer Eight of Ten
Officer Eurydice
Officer Five of Ten
Officer Frank Leslie
Officer Gaila
Officer Geoffrey Hadley
Officer Hendorff
Officer Jaylah
Officer K’Bisch
Officer Keenser
Officer Kerla
Officer Komal
Officer Koth
Officer Krell
Officer L’Nar
Officer Linkasa
Officer Livis
Officer Mae Darwin
Officer Marla McGivers
Officer Montgomery Scott
Officer Nero
Officer Nyota Uhura
Officer Origins Stamets
Officer Otto
Officer Pan
Officer Paul Stamets
Officer Severus
Officer Shev Akria
Officer Stonn
Officer Tal
Officer Ten of Ten
Officer Tilly
Officer Yan’agh
Officer Yuki Sulu
Officer Zahra

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