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Mission Dead Memories Part 2

By July 29th, 2022No Comments

Dead Memories Part 2 is part of TOS Arc 1 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 5 parts to this mission chain.

TOS Arc 1 also has Now and Then, Tribble Me This, and Territorial Dispute mission chains as part of the arc.

Dead Memories Part 2 Parts of the Mission

  1. Show Spock the black hole’s location
    Location: Romulus (60) Romulan
  2. Give Spock 825,000 Dilithium for his experiment
  3. Defeat the marauder (? ?)
    Location: Romulus (60) Romulan
  4. Investigate a spatial anomaly
    Location: Netron Alpha (23) Neutral

Mission Reward for Dead Memories Part 2

  • 5.1M × Tritanium
  • 50 × Latinum
  • 10 × 30 Minute Speed Up

Star Trek Fleet Command Dead Memories Part 2