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Officer Hendorff

Hendorff is a junior security officer; tall, broad-shouldered, and intimidating, he’s the sort of fellow you don’t want to tangle with. Underneath, though, Hendorff really just wants to serve and protect his fellow Starfleet officers.

This is in part due to an excess of old-fashioned chivalry, as seen when he picked a bar fight with a young James Kirk in defense of cadet Uhura’s honor, or when he leapt in front of Spock, taking a poisonous spine spat by an alien plant during an away mission.

Hendorff would gladly jump to the defense of his shipmates time and time again, and he wears the red shirt with pride.

Class: Engineering
Group: Shakedown Cruise
Faction: Federation
Rarity: Uncommon

Captain Maneuver: Excellent Security
+20% to Dodge, Armor and Shield Deflection when Hull Health is below 60% of its Hull health at the start of the battle.

Command: 20%
Engineering: 10%
Science: 20%

Officer Ability: Explorer Trainer
+ to Ship XP on Explorers

Explorer Trainer Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 20%
Rank 2: 30%
Rank 3: 40%
Rank 4: 50%
Rank 5: 60%

Hendorff Upgrade Chart

21032 2,500
31564 50k
* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IND/ROM/FED/KLI/AUG = independent/faction credits * XP = officer experience points
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