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Originally posted on June 2, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

Cadet Montgomery Scott’s time in the Academy was punctuated by successes and failures in equal measure, most notably his attempt to prove that transporter range could be extended to cover an entire star system. His test subject, Admiral Archer’s prize beagle, never re-materialized.

Class: Engineering
Group: Another Time
Faction: Federation
Rarity: Common

Captain Maneuver: Sturdy Ship
+10% to Hull Health

Command: 5%
Engineering: 2%
Science: 5%

Officer Ability: Warp Theory
+ Warp Distance

Warp Theory Warp Distance Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 1%
Rank 2: 2%
Rank 3: 3%
Rank 4: 4%
Rank 5: 5%

Cadet Montgomery Scott Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IND/ROM/FED/KLI/AUG = independent/faction credits * XP = officer experience points
Star Trek Fleet Command Cadet Montgomery Scott

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