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Raw ore can be found in 3 Grades 2, 3, and 4 star. 2 star ore can be refined into Common and Uncommon ore. 3 star ore can be refined into common, uncommon, and rare ore.

Grade 3 materials can be refined at Refinery and Ops level 20.

Grade 4 materials can be refined at Refinery level 39.

G2 Ore Locations

Deneva (15)Neutral11
Dhi'Ban (14)Neutral11
Labac (17)Neutral12
Obilent (17)Neutral12
Kepler-018 (20)Neutral13
Fastolf (21)Neutral15
Sorenle (21)Neutral15

G3 Ore Locations

Davidul (20)Romulan13
V'Varia (21)Romulan13
Nabok (22)Romulan17
Huebr (24)Romulan17
Qualor (25)Neutral17
Zova Rhen (25)Romulan18
Vendus A (27)Romulan19
Forin (24)Neutral20
Rator (29)Romulan20
Avansa Alpha (30)Neutral20
Brijac Alpha (30)Neutral20
Burran Alpha (30)Neutral20
Roshar Alpha (30)Neutral20
Crios Alpha (30)Neutral20
Corva Gamma (40)Neutral20
Bolari Alpha (30)Neutral20
Barasa Beta (40)Neutral20
Corva Beta (40)Neutral20
Barasa Gamma (40)Neutral20
Niawillen (28)Neutral22
Willenia (28)Neutral22
Doniphon (29)Rogue24
Kaisu (33)Romulan26
Aerimea (35)Romulan26
Argentomea (35)Romulan26
Argandu (29)Romulan32
Nekosa (38)Neutral40
Nibiq (38)Neutral40
Stagnimea (38)Romulan45
Eden (38)Romulan53
Ferraria (39)Romulan53

G4 Ore Locations

Barasa Alpha (40)Neutral20
Corva Alpha (40)Neutral20
Nikola (41)Neutral56
Sotavi (41)Neutral56
Tolain (40)Romulan65
Yvnys (40)Romulan65
Talvath (43)Romulan75
Alycen (44)Romulan105
Veisa (46)Romulan120
Tiv'El (48)Romulan150
Farnham (48)Neutral160
Petandria (48)Neutral160
Aralen (50)Romulan185

Best Ore Mining Crew

Captain: Stonn
Officer: Helvia
Officer: One of Eleven

A good early officer crew.

Captain: Two of Eleven
Officer: Ten of Eleven
Officer: Stonn

A nice crew if you have these higher level crew members.

Captain: Two of Ten
Officer: One of Ten
Officer: T’Pring

Fast mining and big protected cargo capacity.

Star Trek Fleet Command Ore