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Officer Seven of Eleven

Even the Romulan Empire, with all of its power, cannot stop the unrelenting Borg assault. In the initial days of the invasion, the Romulans were content to watch from the sidelines as their enemies were assimilated, relying on their famed defensive fleets and intelligence agencies to protect them.

They were mistaken. Decius, once a proud leader in the Romulan military, was taken captive by the Borg during a routine patrol of the Neutral Zone border and became Seven of Ten.

The Romulan had no warning and no chance of victory against a Borg Cube. Decius was subjected to the horrifying assimilation process and was forced to turn his brilliant strategic mind against his homeworld.

Class: Science
Group: Unimatrix Twelve
Faction: Neutral
Rarity: Rare

Captain Maneuver: Resistance is Futile
20% chance of adding 2 shots to each weapon when fighting Borg Tactical Probes

Command: 35%
Engineering: 35%
Science: 15%

Officer Ability: Strengthen the Unimatrix
+ to the Health of all Officers on the ship

Strengthen the Unimatrix Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 60%
Rank 2: 70%
Rank 3: 80%
Rank 4: 90%
Rank 5: 100%

Seven of Ten Upgrade Chart

21065 3k 
* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IND = independent/faction credits * AN = Active Nanoprobe points * SB = Science Badges
Star Trek Fleet Command Seven of Ten