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Dilithium crystals are an incredibly important resources in Star Trek Fleet Command. They are used for buildings, ships, and research.

Dilithium Mining Locations

Murasaki 312Neutral6
Clytomenes 12Neutral7
Coridan 16Neutral13
Kaikara 18Romulan13
Krah'Hor 18Klingon13
Lorillia 18Federation13
Draken 23Romulan17
Khitomer 23Klingon17
Vulcan 23Federation17
Izth 26Klingon19
Querlz 26Federation19
Rooth 26Romulan19
Asiti Alpha 20Neutral20
Innlasn Alpha 20Neutral20
Temeri Alpha 20Neutral20
Thaylen Alpha 20Neutral20
Tigan Alpha 20Neutral20
Zamaro Alpha 20Neutral20
Elequa 30Klingon26
Izanagi 32Romulan26
Parka 30Romulan26
Sahqooq 30Federation26
Carraya 33Klingon27
Nelvana 32Romulan27
Altanea 38Romulan38
D'Deridex 38Romulan38
Devoras 39Romulan38
Chaltok 39Romulan39
Peliar Zel 38Federation46
Babel 38Federation47
Yoruba 39Neutral47
Qu'Vat 38Klingon48
Boraka 39Romulan50
Ganalda 39Klingon50
Archanis 39Klingon52
Belak 39Romulan53
Olorun 39Neutral61
B'Oh 42Klingon70
Delmas 42Romulan70
Hyland 42Federation70
New Berlin 42Neutral70
New Vulcan 42Neutral70
Jera 44Federation95
Ril Korvas 44Romulan95
Shan Mhna'Tir 44Klingon95
Imada 44Neutral105
Perralon 472 44Neutral105
Hilo 46Neutral120
X5-TKV 46Neutral130
Rylan 50Federation185
Tej'Lukk 50Klingon185
Teranth 50Romulan185

Best Dilithium Mining Crews

Captain: Domitia
Officer: 10 of 11
Officer: 1 of 11

Star Trek Fleet Command Dilithium