Officer Mudd

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Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Thief. Swindler and con man. Liar and rogue. He goes by many pejoratives, but perhaps the most accurate of them all is opportunist. For years, Mudd has made a living by trying to con and extort everyone he’s ever met.

Though he always gives different accounts of where he came from, one element of his story always remains the same

his claims to have faced injustices that many will never know. With that chip on his shoulder, he believes in taking what he wants, and doing whatever necessary to get ahead. Whether it’s ships, weapons, creatures, – as long as he can sell it, he will try to steal it!

After the Borg laid waste to the galaxy, Mudd saw an opening to build his own criminal empire. After all, who was going to stop him? With all the major factions rebuilding and healing, Mudd knows that now was the time to strike. However, with his new ambitions comes more notoriety. And more notoriety means more targets on his back.

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