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Loyalty Chest Rewards

By July 30th, 2022No Comments

Finish daily tasks to earn a loyalty badge. 7 Loyalty badges can be redeemed for a 7 day loyalty chests and Allegiance Tokens.

Allegiance Tokens can be used to open 30 day loyalty chests.

30 Days Loyalty Chest Rewards

Player LevelCarolD'Vor BPsLatinumCommonUncommonRareSpeedupSpeedup
1910230200202x15 hrs.3x5 hrs.
2010260300253x15 hrs.3x5 hrs.
2110260300253x15 hrs.3x5 hrs.
2210260300253x15 hrs.3x5 hrs.
2310102905605013x1 day3x1 hrs.
2410102905605013x1 day3x1 hrs.
2510102905605013x1 day3x1 hrs.
2610103208008024x1 day4x1 hrs.
2710103208008024x1 day4x1 hrs.
281010350110010024x1 day3x8 hrs.
291010350110010024x1 day3x8 hrs.
301010380140012045x1 day2x15 hrs.
311010380140012045x1 day2x15 hrs.
321010420180014045x1 day4x15 hrs.
331010420180014045x1 day4x15 hrs.
341010480220016052x3 day7x12 hrs.
351010480220016052x3 day7x12 hrs.
361010540260018063x3 day4x15 hrs.
371010540260018063x3 day4x15 hrs.
381010600300020084x3 day4x12 hrs.
391010600300020084x3 day4x12 hrs.
401010600300020084x3 day4x12 hrs.
411010600300020084x3 day4x12 hrs.
Star Trek Fleet Command Loyalty Chest Rewards