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“The businesses put a lot of time and effort into keeping people like us away from the Exchange.”

Khan and Mudd have formed a reluctant alliance in order to uncover a conspiracy of galactic proportions. They’ve got you on their side, but that’s not enough. To fund their dangerous mission, they’ll need a crew – and an incentive to keep them together. Mudd has chosen a target as ambitious as it is suicidal: The Exchange.

Choose your targets, and prepare to run some heists! Newly fortified vaults and banks within the Alpha Quadrant’s commercial and entertainment sector, The Exchange, are prime targets for Mudd and Khan’s new operation. In order to make the most of their assaults, Mudd has found a new ship to use as a getaway cruiser, which he has named the Stella.

“We target a handful of the largest businesses in the galaxy. We rob each of them over the course of a few days. We cover our tracks. We’ll have a new crew in no time.”

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