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The Strange New Worlds Arc kicks off with the introduction of a new powerful Officer Crew led by Captain Pike. An extension for the Galaxy Tree arrives, with over 90 powerful Nodes for players 40+ to research and acquire meaningful benefits. Lastly, the new Holodeck building will be available!

Part 2

The Strange New World Arc continues! Team up with Captain Pike and the Enterprise crew to uncover a mystery that threatens all living things. There is something dangerous out there, and if you don’t act fast to uncover the truth, the galaxy could be swallowed up in an abyss of fear.

Part 3

In part three of the Star Trek Fleet Command Strange New Worlds Arc! Continue your journey with Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise as they investigate a series of horrifying experiments carried out on living sentient lifeforms across the galaxy. Build the brand new ship, The Mantis, and strengthen your bond with the Syndicate in the new Syndicate Expansion!

Strange New Worlds Arc Missions

Strange New Worlds Arc Video

Strange New Worlds Arc