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Officer SNW Christopher Pike

For Christopher Pike, the right to walk the path to the captain’s chair of the USS Enterprise was to be earned, not granted. Nonetheless, it was a path he walked with dignity, valor and exemplary skill. It would take active service on board a number of different Federation starships before Pike would find himself assigned to the bridge of the Enterprise. Following a brief tenure serving under the command of Captain Robert April as his first officer, Pike was given command of the ship in the year 2250. By the time Ensign Spock arrived on board the Enterprise in 2254, Captain Pike was widely regarded as one of the most heavily decorated fighting captains in Starfleet history.

However, even the bravest and the boldest have their demons. Although he continues to be haunted by nightmarish portents of a seemingly inevitable fate, this celebrated serviceman has decided to claim a destiny of his own by answering the call of the stars. With a stalwart crew and one of Starfleet’s flagship vessels under his command, Captain Pike is once again prepared to seek out new life and explore strange new worlds.