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Raw gas can be found in 3 Grades 2, 3, and 4 star. 2 star gas can be refined into Common and Uncommon gas. 3 star gas can be refined into common, uncommon, and rare gas.

Grade 3 Gas can be refined at Refinery and Ops level 20.

Grade 4 Gas can be refined at Refinery level 39.

G2 Gas Locations

Cita Laga (15)Neutral11
Elona (13)Neutral11
Vindemiatrix (15)Neutral11
Zaurak (13)Neutral11
Midnight (19)Neutral12
Opla (20)Neutral13
Sorenle (21)Neutral15

G3 Gas Locations

Aruna (21)Federation13
Priya (22)Federation13
Voss (20)Federation13
Ajilon (25)Neutral17
Earorfilad (24)Federation17
Angosia (25)Federation18
Doska (27)Federation19
Eldur Alpha (30)Neutral20
Hoobishan Alpha (30)Neutral20
Hrojost Alpha (30)Neutral20
Mak'ala Beta (40)Neutral20
Mak'ala Gamma (40)Neutral20
Mira (24)Neutral20
Nyrheimur Beta (40)Neutral20
Nyrheimur Gamma (40)Neutral20
P'Jem (29)Federation20
Triss Alpha (30)Neutral20
Vantar Alpha (30)Neutral20
Zhian Alpha (30)Neutral20
Afritalis (30)Neutral22
Niawillen (28)Neutral22
Mitchum (29)Rogue24
Siiolux (35)Federation24
Tau Ceti (34)Federation25
Aiti (33)Federation26
Thama (32)Federation27
Groombridge 34 (40)Federation40
Nekosa (38)Neutral40
Romii (38)Romulan40
Archer (36)Federation45
Cor Caroli (39)Federation45
Fellebia (38)Federation48
Riktor (38)Federation48
Lakeside (39)Federation54

G4 Gas Locations

Mak'ala Alpha (40)Neutral20
Nyrheimur Alpha (40)Neutral20
Dashai (40)Federation65
Goesting (40)Federation65
Holles (43)Federation75
Kri (44)Federation105
Sozin (46)Federation120
Avofall (48)Federation150
Farnham (48)Neutral160
Gamma Sedra (50)Federation185

Best Gas Mining Crew

Captain: T’Pring
Officer: K’Bisch
Officer: Domitia

A good early officer crew.

Captain: Two of Eleven
Officer: Ten of Eleven
Officer: Stonn

A nice crew if you have these higher level crew members.

Captain: Two of Ten
Officer: One of Eleven
Officer: T’Pring

Fast mining and big protected cargo capacity.

Star Trek Fleet Command Gas