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Officer Domitia

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Domitia is an expert in astro-geology; her knowledge of asteroid mining is considerable, and she’s one of the few Romulans who has worked outside of the Romulan Star Empire. She’s especially interested in the Federation‘s approach to dilithium mining using precision phasers.

Class: Science
Group: Surveyors & Miners
Faction: Romulan
Rarity: Common

Captain Maneuver: Dilithium Miner
+40% to Dilithium mining rate

Command: 30%
Engineering: 30%
Science: 20%

Officer Ability: Hurry Home
+ to Warp speed when the Cargo is full

Hurry Home Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 25%
Rank 2: 50%
Rank 3: 75%
Rank 4: 100%
Rank 5: 130%

Domitia Upgrade Chart

21012 500
31530 5k
42072 50k
* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IND/ROM/FED/KLI/AUG = independent/faction credits * XP = officer experience points
Star Trek Fleet Command Domitia