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The Orion Syndicate was built as an organized crime unit that specialized in piracy, smuggling, slave-trading, and assassination. Over the years, the Syndicate has become the true power on Orion Prime and has dealings far and wide across the quadrant.

As a trusted recruiter and Agent for the Syndicate, Ghrush is responsible for finding and manipulating those reckless enough to want a stake in the underworld’s high-risk rewards.

Ghrush is a diligent and methodical operative. What he lacks in subtlety, he makes up for in reactionary tactical thinking. Having gotten himself into more than a few difficult situations, he has learned to trust his instincts.

Fight or flight has become his motto, and Ghrush values his life more than one single payday. He’d much rather risk the lives of initiates than put himself in danger, and as a public face for the Syndicate, he has plenty of opportunity for profit.

Class: Command
Group: Syndicate
Faction: None
Rarity: Epic

Command: 15%
Engineering: 25%
Science: 25%

Captain Maneuver: What’s Mine is Mine
Ghrush increases the Protected Cargo of the ship by 100%

Officer Ability: Fight or Flight
Ghrush increases the Warp Range of the ship by 6%.

% Warp Range Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 6%
Rank 2: 8%
Rank 3: 10%
Rank 4: 12%
Rank 5: 15%

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Ghrush

Ghrush Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IC = Independent credits * XP = Officer XP * CB = Command Badges
1Ensign I550
2Lt. JG II10751,00050k
3Lt. III151254,000500k1
4Lt. Cmdr IV2022510,5001,250k2
5Commander V3037522,5002,500k4

Ghrush Character Traits

Level 1: 1,500
Level 2: 2,700
Level 3: 3,800

Level 1: 7,650
Level 2: 6,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 8,850

Level 1: 10,000
Level 2: 4,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 10,000
Level 5: 15,000
Level 6: 23,000
Level 7: 42,000
Level 8: 68,000
Level 9: 107K

Unlocking the next Trait requires completing the previous one.

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