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Mission Filling in the Gaps

By September 27th, 2022No Comments

Filling in the Gaps Storyline

Help an Independent trader recover his stolen assets in exchange for information.

Mission Type: Auto Link / Continuation
Warp for Completion: 1
Hunting the Hunter – Recommended Level OPS 4

Filling in the Gaps Parts of the Mission

  1. Establish contact with the Federation trading partner
    Objective: Travel To
    Location: system +2 away
  2. Mine 500 Parsteel
    Objective: Collect
    500 x Parsteel
  3. Return to your Station
    Objective: Return
    Location: player home system
  4. Set aside a consignment of 500 Parsteel for the trader
    Objective: Deliver
    500 x Parsteel

Mission Reward for Filling in the Gaps

  • 700 × Parsteel
  • 140 × 1★ Explorer Parts

Star Trek Fleet Command Filling in the Gaps