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Liberation Part 3 Storyline

Mission Type: Auto
Duality Arc Part 2 – Recommended Level OPS 34+

Liberation Part 3 Parts of the Mission

  1. Speak with Captain Picard
    Objective – Travel To:
    Destination: Barklay (31) Federation
  2. Speak with Chancellor Gorkon
    Objective – Travel To:
    Destination: Beta Penthe (34) Klingon
  3. What should we do – Who should we bring on the rescue mission
    [The Klingons OR The Enterprise Crew]
    Objective – Choice:
  4. A: [IF The Klingons] Return to your station
    B: [IF The Enterprise Crew] Return to your station

    Objective – Travel To:
    Destination: player home system

Mission Reward for Liberation Part 3

  • Coming….

Duality Arc 2 Overview Video

Star Trek Fleet Command Mission Liberation Part 3