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Officer Eleven of Eleven

An anomaly among Klingons, Barot chose a life of self-exile in the pursuit of knowledge and happiness away from the fixation on war and honor that often motivates his people.

Though he alienated himself among his fellow Klingons, he was at peace with his decision. However, the sad irony is that Barot’s endeavor to walk his own path has now become meaningless, as he finds himself another one of the Borg’s homogenous drones.

Today, Eleven of Eleven stands as a stark reminder that the Borg are not only indiscriminate when it comes to their choice of victims, but also of their terrifying ability to adapt and evolve based on the strength of those assimilated.

Class: Science
Group: Unimatrix Twelve
Faction: Neutral
Rarity: Epic

Command: 45%
Engineering: 45%
Science: 30%

Eleven of Eleven Captain Maneuver: Efficient Crystal Acquisition
Eleven of Eleven increases Crystal mining speed by 60%.

Eleven of Eleven Officer Ability: Advanced Warp Theory
Eleven of Eleven increases Warp Speed by 30%.

Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 30%
Rank 2: 35%
Rank 3: 40%
Rank 4: 45%
Rank 5: 50%

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Eleven of Eleven

Eleven of Eleven Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * IC = Independent credits * AN = Active Nanoprobe * SB = Science Badges
1Ensign I5115
2Lt. JG II101151,3005k
3Lt. III152305,200110k1
4Lt. Cmdr IV2034513,000475k2
5Commander V3092028,6001,100k4

Eleven of Eleven Character Traits

Level 1: 1,500
Level 2: 2,700
Level 3: 3,800

Level 1: 7,650
Level 2: 6,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 8,850

Level 1: 10,000
Level 2: 4,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 10,000
Level 5: 15,000
Level 6: 23,000
Level 7: 42,000
Level 8: 68,000
Level 9: 107K

Unlocking the next Trait requires completing the previous one.

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