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Failing on the Main Front Storyline

With the Romulans decimating the Andorian Imperial Guard, Starfleet intervenes directly to take stock of the situation.

Mission Type: Start
Warp for Completion: 47

This mission can be accepted in the following systems.

  • System: Sirius (36) Federation – Warp: 38

Failing on the Main Front Parts of the Mission

  1. Find the location of the conflict hotzone.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Thama (32) Federation – Warp: 27
  2. Deliver news of the losses to Starfleet.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Alpha Centauri (39) Federation – Warp: 47
    Planet: Starbase 5
  3. Provide the Andorians with 45,000,000 Tritanium to rebuild their fleet.
    Objective: Deliver
    45,000,000 x Tritanium

Mission Reward for Failing on the Main Front

  • 15 x 3★ Rare Gas
  • 60,000 x Federation Points
  • 400 x Federation Credits
  • 1 x Energy Manifold
  • -17,300 x Romulan Points
  • -77,800 x Klingon Points

Mission Failing on the Main Front