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Home is a difficult concept for those who live in two worlds.

Ba’el is the daughter of a Romulan and a Klingon, a living contrast who never knew the reality of life outside of her peaceful commune. She was content to live a simple, quiet life with her family and friends, far from the worries of the galaxy.

That was, until she met Worf.

Ba’el immediately fell in love with this strange Starfleet officer, though it was not fully reciprocated. Even when her family turned on him, when her people were ready to kill him, she stood by his side. It was thanks to her that Worf made it back to the Enterprise in one piece.

Loyal, determined and with a will of iron, Ba’el shows the best qualities of both Romulans and Klingons.

Class: Engineering
Group: Khitomer’s Revenge
Faction: Klingon
Rarity: Rare

Command: 5%
Engineering: 2.5%
Science: 5%

Captain Maneuver: Klingon Valor
Ba’el increases the ship’s Weapon Damage by 25%.

Officer Ability: Romulan Tact
Ba’el increases the ship’s Armor by 200% of total Crew Attack.

Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 200%
Rank 2: 500%
Rank 3: 800%
Rank 4: 1,100%
Rank 5: 1,400%

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Ba’el

Ba’el Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * KC = Klingon credits * XP = officer experience points * EB = Engineering Badges
1Ensign I536
2Lt. JG II105510k
3Lt. III151051,100100k
4Lt. Cmdr IV201454,400250k1
5Commander V3021511,000500k2


Level 1: 1,500
Level 2: 2,700
Level 3: 3,800

Level 1: 7,650
Level 2: 6,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 8,850

Unlocking the next Trait requires completing the previous one.

Synergy Officers

Honorguard Worf






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