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General Martok is a loyal warrior of the Klingon Empire and a self-made man. Born into a common family in the Ketha Province on Kronos, Martok’s ambition was to be an officer for the Klingon Defense Force. He was denied this honor due to his lack of noble blood, leaving him no option but to work as a civilian laborer aboard a battleship. However, during a battle with a Romulan ship, Martok fought with bravery and honor, and earned himself a commission as an officer. Over the course of the Klingon Civil War, Martok steadily gained influence and rank until he was awarded a general commission. He is known to be just, honorable and courageous, and is one of the most respected men within the Klingon Empire.

Class: Engineering Group: Khitomer’s Revenge Faction: Klingon Rarity: Rare Captain Maneuver: Supreme Commander Martok increases the ship’s Kinetic Weapon Damage by 50%. Synergy: Command: Engineering: Science: Officer Ability: Unwavering Loyalty Martok increases the ship’s Dodge by 200% of total Crew Defense. % Dodge Bonus Increases with Promotions: Rank 1: 200% Rank 2: 400% Rank 3: 800% Rank 4: 1,100% Rank 5: 1,400%

Martok Upgrade Chart

Star Trek Fleet Command Martok