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USS Cerritos Explorer Ship

Throughout the history of the Starfleet, there have been a handful of ships, staffed with heroes and legends, that changed the course of history. Vessels that forsook life and limb, that braved unimaginable danger to safeguard the Federation and its people.

The Cerritos is not one of those ships.

A California class vessel, the USS Cerritos was designed to serve as a support vessel for the more durable ships in the fleet. Its lightweight hull, top of the line impulse engines and consignment of Type 6A Shuttlecraft make it ideal for scientific and diplomatic missions. For this reason, and many more that won’t be mentioned here, the Cerritos has found itself in a nice little rut as a Second Contact vessel.

However, recent events have made it abundantly clear that the crew of the Cerritos has more heart than many gave them credit for. Some would even say that this underestimated ship could be considered one of the finest vessels in Starfleet history…

But they would most likely be wrong.