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Tomalak is a Commander of the Romulan Military, and a master in surveillance, espionage, and intelligence. His affinity for deception has placed him at the forefront of Romulan operations into enemy territory, and he has played a significant role in ensuring that the Klingon Empire and Federation remain opposed.

Tomalak’s preferred method of warfare is to lure enemies into traps, and to frame others for acts of atrocity that were carefully orchestrated to destroy their reputation. He believes strongly in tearing his rivals and enemies apart from within, rather than launching an all out attack.

As a key military mind for the Senate, Tomalak is a powerful influence on the direction of Romulan tactics and strategy.

Class: Command
Group: Pride of Romulus
Faction: Romulans
Rarity: Rare

Command: 25%
Engineering: 50%
Science: 50%

Captain Maneuver: Patient Tactician
While cloaked, Tomalak increases Armor Piercing, Shield Penetration, and Accuracy by 100%.

Officer Ability: Death Over Disgrace
Tomalak increases Weapon Damage against Klingon targets by 25% of total Crew Attack.

Bonus Increases with Promotions:
Rank 1: 25%
Rank 2: 35%
Rank 3: 75%
Rank 4: 175%
Rank 5: 500%

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Tomalak

Tomalak Upgrade Chart

* MX = maximum level * SH = shards required * RC = Romulan credits * XP = officer experience points * CB = Command Badges
1Ensign I534
2Lt. JG II105010k
3Lt. III151001,100100k
4Lt. Cmdr IV201404,000250k1
5Commander V3020010,000500k2


Level 1: 1,500
Level 2: 2,700
Level 3: 3,800

Level 1: 7,650
Level 2: 6,000
Level 3: 7,000
Level 4: 8,850

Unlocking the next Trait requires completing the previous one.

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