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The Road to Hell is part of TOS Arc 2 in Star Trek Fleet Command. It is one of three side missions. The other two side missions are All the Battles Past and All the Wars to Come.

TOS Arc 2 also has A Rude Awakening, Doomsday, and Take the Conn mission chains as part of the arc.

The Road to Hell Parts of the Mission

  1. Investigate the Doomsday Machine’s entry site
    Location: Ambit (28) Neutral
  2. Defeat 6 hostiles of level 26 or higher (any hostile counts)
    Location: any system (26+)
  3. Give Spock 20,000 Dilithium for his experiment

Mission Reward for The Road to Hell

  • 330K × Tritanium
  • 50 × 15 Minute Repair Speed Up

Star Trek Fleet Command The Road to Hell