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Mission Leviathan Part 1

Leviathan Part 1 is part of TOS Arc 3 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

TOS Arc 3 also has Hidden Agendas mission chain as part of the arc.

Leviathan Part 1 Parts of the Mission

  1. Rendezvous with the USS Enterprise in Gemet
    Location: Gemet (25) Federation
  2. Attend the briefing with Admiral Strode on Starbase 74
    Location: Gemet (25) Federation
  3. Track the evacuation fleet to Risette
    Location: Risette (28) Neutral
  4. Defeat the Rigellian Assailant (Interceptor 104,274)
    Location: Risette (28) Neutral
  5. Donate 275,000 Tritanium to the evacuation fleet
  6. Ensure the evacuation fleet reaches Anymansbak safely
    Location: Losti (28) Federation

Mission Reward for Leviathan Part 1

Star Trek Fleet Command Leviathan Part 1