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Ferengi D’vor Survey Ship

By December 13, 2020No Comments

As war between the galaxy’s major factions looms over the horizon, many are left wondering about who will come out on top? What state will our galaxy be in when it ends? Then there are those enterprising few who look past these petty concerns and into profit. For those crafty minds, there is no more suitable vessel than the Ferengi D’Vor.

Developed by the renowned Urata Manufacturing as a way to cheat the Latinum exchange, the D’Vor comes mounted with a Dx100 mining laser, configured specifically for the extraction of raw latinum. No other vessel in existence can gather the precious material as efficiently, a testament to the engineering prowess and latinum lust of its creators.

In a time of war and strife, nothing will generate profit like the D’Vor. After all, war is good for business.

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