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Mission Duality Part 2

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Duality Part 2 is part of Duality Arc in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

Duality Arc 1 also has Refraction mission chains as part of the arc.

Duality Part 2 Parts of the Mission

  1. Confront the information broker
    Location: Fyrsta (32) Neutral
  2. How should we secure the broker’s cooperation
    A: Pay him 4M Parsteel OR
    B: Do him a favor
  3. A: [IF Pay him 4M Parsteel]
    Donate 4,000,000 Parsteel
    B: [IF Do him a favor] Proceed to P’Jem
    Location: P’Jem (29) Federation
  4. B: Disable the guard ship (Battleship 741,411)
    Location: P’Jem (29) Federation
  5. B: Steal the files
    Location: P’Jem (29) Federation
  6. B: Return to the information broker
    Location: Fyrsta (32) Neutral

Mission Reward for Duality Part 2

A: Pay him 4M Parsteel.

  • 11.8M × Parsteel
  • 1.74M × Tritanium
  • 30 × 3 Hour Speed Up

B: Do him a favor.

Star Trek Fleet Command Duality Part 2