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Mission Warriors Lost Part 3

Warriors Lost Part 3 Parts of the Mission

  1. Defeat 3 hostiles of Level 39 or higher.
    Kill 3 Level 39+ Hostiles
  2. Follow the scout to Dok’Vos.
    Location: Dok’Vos
  3. Assist the Federation ship with repairs.
    Donate 10,000 Tritanium
  4. Find the House of Shakmatsa.
    Location: Dok’Vos
  5. How will you approach the Warriors of Shakmatsa?
    A: Make a bombing run on the fleet.
    B: Use the USS Paladin as a decoy.
  6. A: Take out Qu’ag.
    Kill Qu’aginDok’Vos5,867,535
    B: Take out Qu’ag.
    Kill Qu’aginDok’Vos5,867,535

Mission Reward for Warriors Lost Part 3

Star Trek Fleet Command Warriors Lost Part 3