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Turning Tides Storyline

Plan your next steps with Burnham.
Mission Type: Auto Link / Continuation
Discovery Arc 4 – Recommended Level 25

Turning Tides Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet with Burnham.
    Objective – Travel to:
    Destination assigned at time of mission.
  2. Find Kai Sinnis.
    Objective – Travel to:
    Destination: Orion (12) – Warp: 8
  3. Disable Kai’s ship.
    Objective – Destroy Hostile Target:
    Destination: Orion (12) – Warp: 8
    Destroy Kai’s Ship
  4. Return to your Station.
    Objective – Return
    Destination: Player home system

Mission Reward for Turning Tides

Star Trek Fleet Command Mission Turning Tides

Originally posted on November 14, 2021 @ 9:04 am