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Tribble Threat Storyline

Find a way to slow the increased reproduction rate of the assimilated Tribbles.

Mission Type: Auto Link/Continuation
Warp for Completion: 12
Neutral Mission

Tribble Threat Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet with Shani.
    Objective – Travel to:
    Destination: Labac (17) – Warp: 12
  2. Pay Shani 84,000 Dilithium.
    Objective – Deliver:
    Latinum: 84,000 x Dilithium
  3. Defeat the Borg probe.
    Objective – Destroy Hostile Target:
    Destination: Labac (17) – Warp: 12
    Destroy Borg Probe

Mission Reward for Tribble Threat

  • 148,000 x Tritanium
  • 35 x 15 Minute Repair Speed Up

Mission A Glimpse Behind the Veil