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Mission To Protect One’s Own

To Protect One’s Own is the fifth mission in the Hunting the Hunter Arc. There are 5 missions in total for this mission chain.

To Protect One’s Own Parts of the Mission

  1. Pursue Asha and Uther to Fostaa
    Location: Fostaa (10) Neutral
  2. Choose how to deal with Asha and Uther
    [Allow them to leave OR Take them into custody]
  3. A: [IF Allow them to leave]
    Disable Captain Yeatman’s ship (Explorer 1,903)

    Location: Fostaa (10) Neutral
    B: [IF Take them into custody]
    Disable Asha’s ship (Explorer 1,903)
    Location: Fostaa (10) Neutral
  4. A: Escort Asha and Uther to safety in Honsao
    Location: Honsao (10) Neutral
    B: Deliver Asha and Uther to Starfleet on Uuxua
    Location: Donfo (10) Neutral
  5. Return to your Station
    Location: player home system
  6. Move your Station
    Location: any system (1+)

Mission Reward for To Protect One’s Own

  • 90 × Dilithium
  • 6 × 15 Minute Repair Speed Up

Star Trek Fleet Command To Protect One's Own