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Officer Sam Rutherford

Part man, part machine, all engineer. “Number-one-with-a-bullet systems guy,” Ensign Samanthan Rutherford is most at home in the Jeffries tubes or with a hyperspanner in his hand. He loves nothing more than a new problem to solve, or a new concept to test.

Rutherford is a hard-working Starfleet officer, and a dedicated member of the Cerritos crew. He was instrumental in the Cerritos’ defeat over the Pakleds at Kalla, a feat of bravery which cost him his very memory.

Rutherford’s dedication to the Cerritos is matched only by his loyalty to his friends. Despite being born to be an engineer, Rutherford tried his hand at various jobs aboard the Cerritos all so that he could honor a commitment to watch the Trivoli Pulsar with his best friend.

In his spare time, Rutherford enjoys building working models of Starfleet vessels and stations with Tendi, making tweaks and improvements to the Cerritos’ systems and creating murderous holosuite programs.