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Officer SNW Erica Ortegas

As the Helmsman of the USS Enterprise, Lieutenant Erica Ortegas has found herself in possession of a stellar reputation. While others may balk at the daunting prospect of piloting one of the Federation’s flagships, Lieutenant Ortegas has accepted the challenge with great aplomb and confidence. After all, she did claim throughout her education in Starfleet Academy that she would one day become the greatest pilot to ever graduate. Now, primed at the helm of the USS Enterprise, she has been given the chance to live up to those claims.

As a supremely confident officer, Ortegas likes to show some flair when at the helm. She has devised many tactical flight maneuvers, many of which share her name. It is her desire and expectation that one way or another, the name Ortegas will live on in Starfleet history.