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Often left in the shadow of his more enterprising older brother, Rom has worn many hats out of duty to Quark. Server, pit boss, assistant – he’s done it all. His loyalty to his brother has meant that Rom has always been willing to work hard for the good of Quark’s business endeavors. Despite some reluctance, Rom is still a Ferengi at heart, and is willing to try underhanded tactics for the sake of helping his brother.

Ultimately, due to Rom’s struggle to put profit ahead of his family, and with his talents lying in engineering rather than business, he is something of an outcast among his people. These feelings of isolation, and the imbalanced relationship with Quark, often manifest as jealousy and resentment. Indeed, Rom’s greatest conflict has always been whether to embrace his Ferengi nature, or to become something better for the sake of his son, Nog.