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The Rana Nur Star System is an area claimed by the Romulan Star Empire in the 23rd century of the Kelvin timeline, in the vicinity of V’varia.

Rana Nur Overview

System Number: [S:180481608]
Est. Warp Required: 15 (from level 1 system)
Token Required: No
System Type: Terminal

Station Hubs Allowed in System: 0


Origin space: No
Darkspace: No
Deepspace: No

Resources in Rana Nur

  • None

Planets in Rana Nur Star System

  1. Aezucan
  2. Ausiyoq
  3. Beuuf
  4. Dovum
  5. Kijehoa
  6. Paeim
  7. Piier
  8. Tofog

Connecting Systems to Rana Nur

  1. V’varia
    Level: 21, Warp: 15, Hub: No

Missions in Rana Nur

  1. Bartered Goods * – 3 of 7

* = chained

Hostiles Found in Rana Nur

  • Separatist
    Level: 17, Type: Interceptor, Strength: 25,031