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Mission Now and Then Part 6

Mission Now and Then Part 6 is part of TOS Arc 1 in Star Trek Fleet Command. There are 10 parts to this mission chain.

TOS Arc 1 also has Tribble Me This, Territorial Dispute, and Dead Memories mission chains as part of the arc.

Mission Now and Then Part 6 Parts of the Mission

  1. Accompany the USS Enterprise to Helvetios
    Location: Helvetios (18) Neutral
  2. Defeat the Klingon Warrior (Explorer 54,559)
    Location: Helvetios (18) Neutral
  3. Defeat the Klingon Warrior (Battleship 53,959)
    Location: Helvetios (18) Neutral
  4. Help the Starfleet agent escape the Klingons
    Location: Labac (17) Neutral
  5. Defeat the Klingon Hunter (Interceptor 55,452)
    Location: Labac (17) Neutral
  6. Ensure the Starfleet agent’s safe return to Starbase 74
    Location: Gemet (25) Federation

Mission Reward for Now and Then Part 6

  • 165K × Tritanium
  • 5 × 1 Hour Speed Up

Star Trek Fleet Command Now and Then Part 6