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Mavery is an Orion who once retained an influential position in the Syndicate as the right-hand man of one Underboss Arkhel. A naturally-skilled prospector, Mavery oversaw much of the Syndicate’s acquisition of consumable resources – either through legitimate means or otherwise. However, it would not be long until Mavery set his sights on higher profits…

Branching into kidnapping and extortion, Mavery soon recognized that the lode of suffering was the richest vein of all. Once he realized the profits that could be made from such illicit activities, he lost touch with his natural talents, instead focusing on the pursuit of profit through ransom.

As these activities drew more attention from Starfleet towards the Syndicate, Underboss Arkhel came to the troubling realization that his once trusted ally was now nothing more than a liability. While such liabilities would typically be dealt with through more permanent means, Mavery’s service over the years instead influenced Arkhel to exile Mavery from the Syndicate.

Banished to a life of wandering the Alpha Quadrant alone, Mavery soon found acceptance on Shen Dura and a place among the Tal’lah-Hed – a tribalistic criminal organization composed almost exclusively of dissidents and exiled offenders from across the galaxy. Embracing his new-found home, Mavery soon fought his way to the role of “Dah” – supreme leader of the Tal’lah-Hed; a role open to those who would dare stake their claim.