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Officer Kira Nerys

Major Kira Nerys was born in the Dahkur Province on Bajor, and spent much of her childhood in the Singha refugee camp. Kira was a headstrong and rebellious child, and it wasn’t long before the atrocities she witnessed at the hands of the Cardassians drove her to fight for Bajor’s liberation.

Kira joined the Shakaar resistance cell, at first running errands and cleaning weapons, but eventually proving her use as a combatant, and earning a traditional Bajoran earring made from the scrap metal of the skimmer she helped to destroy, which she has worn ever since. Kira would go on to proudly take part in a multitude of missions for the Resistance, such as the liberation of the Gallitep labor camp, though Cardassia only ever saw her as “a minor operative whose activities are limited to running errands for the terrorist leaders.”

After the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor in 2369, Kira joined the Bajoran Militia with the rank of Major, and was given the role of liaison officer on Deep Space 9. At first, Kira was resistant to Starfleet’s control of the station and interference with Bajoran affairs. But over time, she would begin to admire and even trust her Starfleet colleagues.

The most important element in Kira’s life, outside of her work, is her faith. She meditates and prays to the Prophets every day. Kira’s spiritual side continues to war with her dark past as a Resistance fighter and the lives she took in that role, but ultimately, it is her faith and belief that keeps her moving forward.