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Officer Miles O’Brien

Miles O’Brien was born in Ireland in 2328. As a youth, O’Brien’s relationship with his father was somewhat turbulent. His father was disappointed when Miles enlisted in Starfleet, wishing instead that he pursue a career as a cellist. But Miles had been building ships in bottles since he was a child; a future in engineering seemed inevitable.

Despite his pragmatic and practical nature, Miles O’Brien has always been a magnet for trouble. From almost dying on T’Lani Prime to having a 20-year prison sentence implanted in his mind, Miles O’Brien has suffered. Faced with a constant onslaught of malfunctioning machines and sensitive systems to fix, he certainly has his work cut out for him.

The Chief Engineer lives with his family on Deep Space 9; his wife, Keiko, his daughter, Molly, and his son, Kirayoshi. Balancing his family life with his work as Chief Engineer of a space station is not always easy, but O’Brien’s commitment to his role is only exceeded by his love for his family, and he always manages to make it work.