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Mission Last of the Giants

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Last of the Giants Storyline

Assassinate the leader of the Candori Rebels.
Mission Type: Auto
Warp for Completion: 38

Last of the Giants Parts of the Mission

  1. Meet the Suliban Nomads in Galorndon Core.
    Objective – Travel To:
    Destination: Galorndon Core (30) Romulan- Warp: 24
  2. Capture Olin Fram.
    Objective: Destroy Hostile Target
    Destination: Galorndon Core (30) Romulan – Warp: 24
    Destroy Olin Fram (937,932)
  3. Bring Olin Fram to Candor.
    Objective: Travel To
    Destination: Alpha Onias (36) Romulan – Warp: 38
    Planet: Candor

Mission Reward for Last of the Giants

  • 12 x 3★ Uncommon Ore
  • 100,000 x Romulan Points
  • 500 x Romulan Credits
  • 34 x 15 Minute Repair Speed Up
  • -60,800 x Klingon Points
  • -91,200 x Federation Points

Mission Last of the Giants