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Officer Gul Dukat

Dukat is a man with an infamously diverse range of accolades and condemnations over his years of service within the Cardassian Union. He is best known as the final Prefect of Bajor, a position that he held aboard the station Terok Nor. While presiding over Bajor, Dukat was held accountable for many of the atrocities that occured in its final years. He would later refer to himself as a scapegoat, and spent the years after the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor in roles of far lesser rank.

Dukat’s time as a lowly freighter captain was brightened only by the presence of his beloved daughter Ziyal. Ziyal, a half-Bajoran, was treated as an outcast upon her return to Cardassia, and it was partly in defense of his daughter that Dukat took his position out of the limelight, trawling the stars looking for opportunities. Ever the opportunist, Dukat has regularly found ways to reconnect with members of the Cardassian Central Command, and is never more than a short arm’s reach from reclaiming a position of power once again.

Though his name is etched in infamy across the quadrant, Dukat is a master manipulator, who has been able to coerce and defraud many, including numerous decorated Federation officers, and people of political importance on his home planet. There is a saying amongst those who know him. One should never turn one’s back on Gul Dukat. Even for survivors there may yet be a poisonous barb left under the surface that will fester.