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Officer D’Vana Tendi

Ensign D’Vana Tendi is equal to any task she sets her mind to, something which has impressed senior management on the Cerritos, and has led to her being transferred to senior science officer training. It is her endless enthusiasm and optimism that allows her to approach even the most menial and undesirable tasks with a gusto heretofore unseen in the Lower Decks crew. Tendi sees every task as an opportunity to learn and grow, though she sometimes takes this mindset to the extreme.

As an Orion in Starfleet, Tendi has faced her fair share of challenges. Tendi has left her life with the Orion Syndicate in the past, but she remains sensitive to Orion stereotypes. She wants to be seen first as a Starfleet officer, not a thief or a pirate. Though, when the situation calls for it, the feared and respected Mistress of the Winter Constellations can be called upon to make an appearance.

Tendi is, above all else, a caring friend. When her best friend Rutherford lost his memory, including his memory of their friendship, she reacted only with excitement that they had the opportunity to become best friends all over again. In addition to spending time with her friends, Tendi is fond of archival cataloging, hand-editing DNA sequences, and listening to Klingon acid punk rock music.